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Holtey No.98 Smoother


This page provides a place to show interesting pictures originally posted on my blog and other pictures which don't find a home on the planes pages.

The picture above shows three planes from my 98 series - the No.984R panel plane, No.985 smoothing plane and No.983 block plane. If I was still cabinet making these three planes would be my choice for everyday use. From block through to panel plane they represent my statement on modern hand plane design.

No.98 CAD drawing.
No.98 CAD drawing.
Some years ago my friend Adam Willis, who is a talented artist, illustrator and animator made me some CAD drawings and renderings of my No.98 plane. In my workshop I still use my trusted drawing board, pencil and paper - examples of my drawings can be seen elsewhere on this site. These pictures show what can be achieved with technology in the hands of an artist.