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Where the precision hand plane becomes art.

The Spiers Shoulder Infill Plane.

Spiers shoulder plane. This design may be more appealing to some than the Norris A7 shoulder plane. Built to the Spiers design but with the advantage of Norris adjustment and with a horn.

This style of shoulder plane is well known by all the Spiers collectors and enthusiasts. Though not being a great lover of Spiers planes myself this is the only pattern of Spiers planes that I like, so I couldn't resist using this pattern. This is in fact my favourite of all the shoulder planes.

I gave into temptation to add a Norris type adjuster, since adjusters are most sought after. Like the Norris the plane now incorporates a raised infill around the bridge area, (this is known as a horn). This infill supports a thumb screw which is used to apply pressure to the blade. The horn makes an interesting feature along with some aesthetic and ergonomic refinements to the bed and wedge.

The pictures below show a small number of Spiers planes I made recently using a variety of infils - Rosewood, Ebony and Boxwood. I have also included a few workshop pictures showing the work in progress.

Group of four Spiers shoulder planes.

  • Spiers Shoulder plane - rear view.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - boxwood infill side view.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - disassembled with blade.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - pair ebony and boxwood infills.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - ebony and boxwood infills rear view.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - View of components.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - Infills work in progress.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - Cutting brass side plates.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - Work in progress.
  • Spiers Shoulder plane - Rough cutting ebony Infill.