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The A7 Infill Dovetailed Shoulder Plane.

A7 Shoulder Plane

A7 Shoulder plane - closeup view Norris were the only maker with an adjustment mechanism in any infill plane. Even today not many people seem to have attempted to copy this adjustable shoulder plane.

The Shoulder plane was difficult enough to make and adding the adjuster compounds the construction work. It needs a clamping system which was a retrospective design.

To make this clamping arrangement required a nut/bush for the clamping screw, which had to be integrated with the bridge. This is stronger and aesthetically enhanced with the use of a raised horn in the infill. To get this correct is a true test of craftsmanship.

A7 Shoulder plane - Detail of horn.

I have improved the adjuster by making the traveller section (often referred to as a banjo) all in one piece, including its drive spigot which is perpendicular to the blade.

Low Angle Adjuster Banjo Low Angle Adjuster Pieces

  • A7 Shoulder plane - Side View
  • A7 Shoulder plane - Horn detail
  • A7 Shoulder plane - Rear view showing adjuster stem
  • A7 Shoulder plane - Blade detail
  • A7 Shoulder plane - View of top