Classic Hand Planes

Where the precision hand plane becomes art.

The A6 Smoother (Parallel) Infill plane.

A6 Infill Smoother

A6 Infill Smoothers - rear view A6 Infill Smoothers - front view This is an overstuffed infill plane of the traditional Norris type, having a short sole 7½" long. This pattern was also used by several other infill makers including Spiers and Mathieson. All these manufactures used dovetails as this plane lends itself to this construction.

Overstuffed means that the infill overflows until it is flush with the sides of the plane.

As the smoothing operation is for finishing and texturing purposes this A6 only needs a small sole. With precise settings a degree of flatness and no tear out of the work can be achieved.

A smoother is just for finishing and is rarely more than 7¾" long. Most of the traditional infill planes have blade widths which vary from 1¾" up to 2 3/8". My A6 has a 2¼" blade.

A6 Infill Smoother - front view

A6 Infill Smoother

The vast amount of work, attention to detail and thought that goes into these planes is difficult to describe, but I am trying to do so on my blog.