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A31 Thumb Plane

A31 Thumb Plane - Group Photo. I have been making traditional infill planes for over 20 years now and I am surprised that no-one else has produced a similar plane. Maybe it's because, despite its relatively simple looks, it is a complex plane to make (properly) due to its limited parameters. It is a very likeable and usable plane; it has been very popular.

The application of a thumb plane can be similar to that of a modern block plane.It is often used by instrument and bow makers. This A31 has a nice distinct feel in the hand that would make craftsmen want to include it in their tool collection.

If I had to pick one plane to take with me where ever I am going to work it would be this type of plane, whether I was in the workshop or on site.

A31 Thumb Plane - African Black.
  • A31 Thumb plane - Parts.
  • A31 Thumb plane - Blade removed.
  • A31 Thumb plane - Boxwood Infill.
  • A31 Thumb Plane.

A31 Thumb Infill plane. The original Norris A31 was a gunmetal casting and, along with my dovetailed version, has become extremely popular.

As with all my infill planes it has a Norris style adjuster.

A31 Thumb Infill plane - Top view.

The plane is beautiful to use and much used by instrument makers. Those that have used this plane will not change it for anything else.

Words cannot do this plane justice and it has found favour with many groups of woodworkers. It is a truly much loved and coveted plane.

A31 Thumb Infill plane.

  • A31 Thumb Infill plane - Front view.
  • A31 Thumb Infill plane - Front bun detail.
  • A31 Thumb Infill plane - closeup.
  • A31 Thumb Infill plane - rear view.

My final A31 planes

A31 Thumb Infill plane - snakewood.

My final batch of A31 planes included some using a rather nice piece of Snakewood which I had been saving.

  • A31 Thumb Infill plane - Snakewood.
  • A31 Thumb Infill plane - Snakewood.

A31 Minatures

Here are some pictures of my A31 minatures. The scale is 1:3 although the amount of work which goes into making these is about the same as for the full size version.

The last A31 minatures.

Last A31 Minatures Last A31 Minatures