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The A28 Chariot Infill Plane.

A28 Chariot plane. This plane is once again based on the Norris pattern which was usually cast gunmetal with a sweated on steel sole.

  • A28 Chariot plane - side view.

  • A28 Chariot plane - rear view.

As you can see my version here has brass sides dovetailed onto a steel sole. The toe section being unique as it is incorporated as the front infill; the sole and front infill are all in one piece. My later models now have a machined integral rivet (as in my No 98 plane) and dovetails which can only be achieved by CNC milling. I think I am the only person that has done this and it is unlikely that anybody else will attempt it.

This plane is a good all round finishing plane especially in confined areas, as it has a very narrow toe of only ½". It can be used easily with one hand.

It has become a much coveted plane with collectors and users.

A28 Chariot plane with blade removed and bag.