Contemporary design combining precision engineering with traditional hand craft.

A1 Panel Planes.

Over the next few months I will be clearing out my stock (some complete and some part made), over the years I have accumulated a few orphans and will show them here. All for sale.

I was pleasantly surprised to find two 14 1/2” A1 panel planes properly packed and boxed away in part form ready for assembly. I had totally forgotten about them. The details are on their page here:

There will be no more of these planes made though I am trying to finish some projects started during my development days. You could be looking at the last A1 plane here as I intend keeping one.

Price will be £7,250.00 + vat (if applicable) + postage.

No.983 Block Planes available.

No.983 - Components.
No plane has ever been made like this.

All the parts are hand made in house by me. There are just a few planes left now.

The price is £6,200.00 (+ vat if applicable) + delivery.

My Blog pages contain a lot of information and photographs of the design and manufacture of the last batch of No.983 planes. Also see my No.983 page on this website.

Yes, I am still trying to retire! However, there are still a few orphans at the back of the cupboard.